Thots & Prayers is an LGBTQ+ owned and operated nightclub event company based in Detroit, MI. Years ago, owner, Jason Misleh, was approached by the Temple Bar and was asked to create an all inclusive LGBTQ+ themed dance party in the heart of Midtown Detroit, and gladly accepted, and thus, Thots & Prayers was born.
The name was created by the famous Chef Jon Kung. Jason was having trouble coming up with a name and after a quick conversation with Jon, the name, Thots & Prayers was born.
Thots & Prayers has grown into a production company that produces small to large events, including monthly parties, tea dances, and, of course, the charity event, Motorball Detroit.
Thots & Prayers apparel has been sought after by the Thots of Detroit for a long time now, and today, is born, the Thots & Prayers store.
Be sure to check back often. We'll be adding new products and styles on a regular basis!
All of our products are fair trade.
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